Local Dam Improvement Works

by President
Local Dam Improvement Works

Cooloolabin Dam Development Exclusion Area

Last month we attended a public consultation session held by the friendly South East Queensland Water staff at the Cooloolabin Hall to talk about the up coming developments for both the Cooloolabin, Wappa, Lake Macdonald, and Ewen Maddock dams.

You may have noticed work taking place already at the Cooloolabin and Wappa Dams in the last few years. However these upcoming developments are larger in scale and the Cooloolabin project will impact our usage of the area for a while. Totally fine with me because dam leaks/bursts aren’t fun and I think having running tap water is pretty cool.

Cooloolabin dam is set to start in September and is expected to go till February.

Ewen Maddock works aren’t expected to start until 2019. We’ll be keeping in touch with SEQ Water about Ewen Maddock Dam to see if there are any opportunities for further developing the recreational facilities during this project.

Lake Macdonald is still in the early stages of the project so we’ll wait and see if there will be any impact to the near by ‘trail 4’.

For further information about these developments, go to: http://www.seqwater.com.au/water-supply/asset-maintenance-construction/dam-improvement-program

For general information about recreation in SEQ Water areas, check out: http://www.seqwater.com.au/play-it-safe/locations-and-guides

As usual we ask everyone to abide by signage and direction by the land managers.

Ben Johns
Club President