First Month Trail Counts

by President
First Month Trail Counts
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Hi Folks,

Around a month ago we installed three counters within the Parklands Conservation Park. The selected trails will be kept secret so as to not influence the statistics, they will be disclosed once the counters have been relocated. Trail 1 is on the east side (Atkinson Rd), and trail two and three are on the west side (Radar Hill Rd).

So far the weekends are the busiest with Wednesday being the popular weekday to ride closely followed by Friday. 9AM and 4PM are the popular hours.

These charts are a work in progress with weekly and monthly charts coming later. After a couple of months we should start to see interesting trends but it will be at least a year before we can account for the seasons. Also I’ll see if I can include weather information to see how that impacts the counts.

Without further ado, here are the numbers:


Daily Totals

Total Hourly Counts

Weekends Hourly Counts