Flow, Flats and Fire – Wooroi Ride Summary (20/08/2017)

by Secretary
Flow, Flats and Fire – Wooroi Ride Summary (20/08/2017)
Very dramatic reenactment of Sunday's club ride

Ahh Wooroi! just like an amazing woman with it’s flowy curves, smouldering fire, native vegetation, wildlife, challenging rock gardens and good signage and…. actually I think I’ve botched this metaphor up rather badly.

So anyway, 28 riders showed up to our last ride of our winter calendar. If you are new to the club you may have thought that all our rides start at 7:30am but alas this is not the case. Now that the colder weather is over (hopefully) we are now starting earlier – so this Sunday’s big ride from Pomona to Kin Kin leaves at 7am [there’s going to be a shorter ride starting from the same spot for those who don’t want a long ride. Pres.]

The day started with a bit of excitement as a QPWS truck came flying through with 2 rangers on a mission. They tore off into the park leaving us to guess what the rush was. Later on we found out that fires had begun to reignite inside the park. During our ride we were diverted away from the affected areas and now the park has been closed as more fires have started and the risk of falling trees and branches has increased.

We rode to the top of Indy and divided into 2 groups with El Presidente Ben taking the fast group and Toby taking the not-so-fast people at a slightly slower pace. Afterwards another sub-group went off to torture themselves climbing hills on the other side of the Tewantin National Park.

From all reports the rides went well and all trails were open and flowing nicely (but there was a whole heap of sticks around). Apart from some punctures and Neil almost denting his shin with his pedals the rides were relatively incident free as well.

Notable events:

  • Half way through the ride Toby gave me some food and extra water – puppy eyes and nagging works kids!
  • New rider Timmo dragged his old Giant out from the shed and came along. Watching him somehow bash down the trails was both scary and impressive.
  • Kerry’s legs exploded (metaphorically of course) and she had to pull out early. I hope you’re feeling better Kerry!
  • Here is a handy map of the Wooroi trails if, like me, you suck at navigation.
  • Dean and Geoff from Hit Bikes came along for a ride with Dean on a very sexy orange Mondraker Foxy. Sure I may have picked on it initially but my therapist said I was just reflecting anger born from deep seated feelings of jealousy and inadequacy or some crap.

So enough talk – here are some pics.

Yours faithfully.

Michael “That’s me in the cover pic – serious!” Johns
Club Secretary