Club Night Ride Summary 25/10/2017

by President
Club Night Ride Summary 25/10/2017
The faceless man

Rushing home only to be sneaking out the door, bike in tow, moments later has become a monthly ritual for me and probably the others who came long on the ride this evening.

Eight intrepid souls were ready to go at just past 6pm although that would soon be seven as Boaz had a suspect wheel with a slow leak so he turned back to avoid a walk. Following the usual 10km loop around the western side of Parklands we dodged and weaved through the undergrowth trying to avoid running over the cane toads that were out in force after the rain. Cancer Tree was in top form with both creeks full of water which makes it fun to ride. It’s amazing how well the old tracks hold up to the environment but there’s a few spots that might need some attention.

The grip on the hills was good as the rear tyre of the trusty single speed stayed glued regardless of the strain I was putting on it, only coming unstuck on a ‘baby head’ rock. Personal records gained by the others was further proof of the good post rain dirt and clean rocks.

I managed to collect two orb weavers this ride, luckily for me they’re inclined the drop off you than crawl around. No snakes though, probably killed by the spiders.

Always fun riding at night, suggest everyone give it a go at least once.

Ben Johns
Club President