Bushranger Race Results – Dingo Duo, Shimano Enduro and CycleEpic

by Secretary
Bushranger Race Results – Dingo Duo, Shimano Enduro and CycleEpic
Chad at the Shimano Enduro at Garapine

So I was talking to Chad on Sunday’s ride and he told me about the fun he had at the Shimano Enduro Series at Garapine. So I got to thinking that I should have a look through the results lists of some recent races to see if I recognised any names and lo and behold there were heaps!

At last weekend’s Dingo Duo race at Hidden Vale our Matthew Klibbe and Eugene Craddock were in the duathon with a 5km trail run, a 40km MTB ride and then another 5km trail run. Matt got 1st and Eugene got 3rd. Brilliant work guys! More info <here>

At the recent Shimano Enduro Series at Garapine we had current members, past members and friends Chad Power, Antony Boyd, Kaiden Carter and Levi Van Pan Huis all hammer down the multiple trails on what was a disgustingly hot day. Chad did well with a 6th in his category despite having a busted seat, saggy brake levers and no chance to practice the new trails. More results <here>

At the CycleEpic at Hidden Vale Chad Power, Andrew Head and Eugene Craddock did great in the 52km and the 92km races. Chad scored 5th in his age group and 16th overall. Results here

Nice work everyone and let me know if I forgot anyone so I can give them a shout out too! Seeing people challenging themselves to do well at things they love is inspirational and good to share.

Michael “I think I really did miss someone” Johns
Club Secretary