Bushrangers Weekend Roundup (9th/10th December 2017)

by Secretary
Bushrangers Weekend Roundup (9th/10th December 2017)
The trails had drained beautifully and were running great

Hey Bushies,

Well that was a big weekend on a few different levels. Not only was the weather a bit extreme but we also had our end of year BBQ and Movember prize draw at Paul’s trails on Saturday and our regular club and rookie rides on Sunday morning.

Miles and Todd finishing a lap

We were fretting about the weather all week after already having to postpone the BBQ once already. But although it was a bit hot and humid at 1pm it cooled down nicely later in the arvo and the storms held off until well after 6. We had a great turnout of members and guests and since the trails had drained well and were riding beautifully some of us got a good bit of riding in and got to check out all of Paul’s new additions to his trails.

Congratulations to Peter Bigaila and Graham Reeks for winning their prizes for our Movember challenge and congratulations to all the winners who won something in the prize draw. I also hope you were pleasantly surprised that contrary to vicious rumours there was actually none of my underwear in any of the prize bags.

On the Sunday Nambour hadn’t had that much rain so we figured Parklands would be OK to ride. This was not case as Parklands must of copped all the rain that Bli Bli did and it was rather wet in there. So we cut the ride short and avoided all the new work and tried to stay on the trails that had drained quickly. There may be a trail care day in Parklands on Saturday so we could probably have a team go off and work on the drains in the problem areas – stay tuned for more information.

Thanks to Paul and Trish for being great hosts (and providing cheesecake), Greg for doing another great job on the BBQ and to everyone else who came and had a good time.

See you on the trails!

Michael “Cheesecake is awesome” Johns
Club Secretary