Clean Up Australia Day 2018 Summary

by Secretary
Clean Up Australia Day 2018 Summary
Clean Up Australia Day 2018

Bloody fatbikers!!

Hey Bushies’

33 awesome volunteers came out to do a bit of trail care and to help with the Clean Up Australia day activity at Parklands today. We filled two large bins with general waste and recycling and also dragged out around 5 ute loads of other rubbish too big for the bins. Tyres, engines, hot water systems, nappies (eiww!), car panels, batteries, TVs. It was both sad and amazing that all this junk just gets dumped in our parks.

As for the trail care there were two jobs to do with one team heading in to fix up the damage done to the new blue trail. The blue flow trail and the top of Road Rage trail hadn’t had time to harden before last weeks torrential rain soaked it through and turned it to slush. The other team grabbed the whipper snippers and did some much needed vegetation management on T-track and Lower NZ.

Great work today everyone, as always your help was most appreciated!  A special thanks to Dave for cooking the BBQ – the sausages where superb! If anyone wants a Clean Up Australia Day certificate to brag how awesome they are, just let me know.

Thanks for the write up by Tessa Patrick in the Nambour Weekly and to Clean Up Australia Day for the bags and gloves and to Sandie Johnston and the Sunshine Coast Council for the big bins, rubbish pick up and mowing the grass along Radar Hill Road for us.

Michael Johns
Club Secretary

PS: Check out the photos below.