Maroochydore to Emu Mountain Ride Summary – 08/04/2018

by Secretary
Maroochydore to Emu Mountain Ride Summary – 08/04/2018
Today we conquered the great Emu Mountain! HOORAH!

Hey Bushies,

Now I should warn you that I’ve just finished reading a series of rhyming storybooks to the young lad so it may influence my writing tonight.

So Sunday’s ride was meant to be a Parkland’s ride but it was deemed too wet in there so we dug out a 50km Maroochydore to Emu Mountain ride that we haven’t done for awhile. There was a bit of pavement involved but we did manage to get a bit of dirt under our wheels behind Coolum.

Starting point was Denna St shops Maroochydore

17 of us meet at the Denna St shops near the Maroochy Bridge including a new nicer Ben and Wendy from CORCA who has joined up with us as well – thanks for coming and we hope you both had a good time. A roadie ride was also meeting at the shops and I think they were getting a bit worried when everyone started arriving with mountain bikes.

17 little riders, pulling bikes from our cars. Confusing all the roadies with our flat handlebars. 

We took off at 7am and headed over the bridge, through Twin Waters and along the coastal pathway. When it was time to head in behind Mt Coolum Al and Julie (both rehabilitating busted arms) went their own way and avoided the rough stuff.

17 little riders, feeling fit and keen. 2 turned right now there’s 15.

Behind Mt Coolum the grass is tall, the ground is wet and there is a lot of erosion and loose rocks everywhere. One of these rocks took a bite at Marty’s derailleur.

15 little riders, running low on steam. One bike died, now there’s 14.

We got to the bottom of Emu Mountain and decided we should really climb it and check out the awesome view. Our President missed the turn and ended up waiting for us at the High School.

14 little riders, climbing to the peak. Ben got lost, ’cause he is a geek.

We made it to Coolum where Wendy said her farewells and left us. We stopped in at the courtyard behind a cafe on Birtwill Street and everyone went off and scavenged their coffees while we waiting under the shade sails. Tania finally got her coffee last and placed it down onto a bench, where Sonja accidentally knocked it off before Tania could drink it. I’ll remember that look of rage/frustration/rage/sadness for the rest of my days.

13 little riders, enjoying a Sunday ride. Sonja bumped a cup and very nearly died.

We hopped on our bikes and headed for home. We used some back roads to avoid running over tourists (they get cranky if you do that). After Mudjimba everyone’s coffee must of kicked in because the speed started getting faster and it became a race back to the cars.

12 little riders, full of sugar and caffeine. 9 went warp speed now there were 3. 

Everyone made it back to the cars at about 10.30am and from all reports all had a very enjoyable adventure. Photos below and thanks for the ride folks!

Yours sincerely,

Michael “I’m a poet and I didn’t know it” Johns
Club Secretary 


Ride Map and Elevation