20/04/2016 – Parklands Night Ride Summary

by Secretary
20/04/2016 – Parklands Night Ride Summary
Night Ride Parklands

Hello Bushrangers,

Wednesday’s night ride was good with the temperature great, the bunyips not eating anybody and the rain not showing up (apart from a tiny bit of drizzle). On the ride we had Andrew, Brad, Chad, Terry, Neil and myself (and lots of cane toads). We first did a 5km loop through the Novice track and then some of us went up to the top gate and barrelled down lower NZ and Ho Chi Ho. Chad and Andrew did an extra ride before we even started because they are just hardcore like that.

It was Brad and Neil’s first night ride and they were pretty impressed. It really transforms trails you already know into something a lot different.

We even had a well earned post-ride beer as a special night-ride treat, it was soooo good.