Tre-X Off-Road Triathlon Results

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Tre-X Off-Road Triathlon Results

Couldn’t ask for better conditions for racing at the Ewen Maddock Dam Camp – the rain leading up to the weekends event helped freshen up the water, soak the off-road running circuit and settle the dust on the MTB course. The water temperature was a pleasant 23°C for the beginning swim leg at 8:30am, 400m for the short, 1500m for the long. and was over in no time at all with most of the competitors out of the water within 30min. The mountain bike course was a slight variation to the Ferny Forest loop with some of the access roads used as passing areas and to get the riders back to the finish line for either another lap (3 laps for long course) or to go back into transition for the run. The running circuit took the runners all over the place and included ankle deep water for the most part and the ‘tar pit’ of thick mud to make things difficult. The whole affair was mostly completed by 2pm.

The next days MTB cross-country races consisted of either 2 laps or 5 laps of the same MTB course as the triathlon. The course was nicely worn in from the prior days racing making it just right to push into the corners fast and keep the pace up for pretty much the whole loop. Apart from the riders continuing on from the Triathlon and Trail runs from the day before to earn their dirt master titles the field this year was mostly XC racers so the pace was a lot faster. All in all while not technically demanding the speed at which you could take this course demanded concentration or you’ll end up on the ground pretty quickly.

Congratulations to John Searston and Donna Bigaila for their podiums during the Sprint Course Triathlon. John came 1st in category and Donna came 3rd in category. The team I was rider for, Splash, Crash, and Dash, gained 1st overall in the team Long Course Triathlon.

Matthew Klibbe has been racing the entire Long Course solo series and this marks his final race of the season and finishing a fantastic 8th in category.

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Long-course Results
Sprint-course Results

Onto the 20km and 50km MTB XC races: Shelly Foote placed 22nd overall and 1st in category (20km, Veteran), Corey Chrimes 5th overall and 1st in category (50km, Single Speed), Gavin Scott 6th overall and 2nd place in category (50km, Veterans), John Searston placed 32nd overall and 2nd in category (50km, Single Speed), and Ben Johns (myself) placed 13th overall and 6th in category (50km, Veterans)

20km MTB XC Results
50km MTB XC Results

Special thanks goes to our support crew – Toby and wife, Kirsty, Julie and Michael.