01/05/2016 – Ewan Maddock Dam Ride Summary

by Secretary
01/05/2016 – Ewan Maddock Dam Ride Summary

Hello ‘rangers,

Well, what a lovely day for a ride today was…NOT! But despite the drizzly, cold, foggy weather we still had 6 hardcore riders up for a pedal this morning. Well done to Kerry, Toby, Jens, Graham and the two Steves, you have all earned another “Why am I riding in this crap” badge.

DSC_0201We started riding at 7am and once we gave in to the fact we were going to get wet the group moved along pretty quick. I had yet another flat tyre (tubeless woes). The water and trees were actually lovely to look at – if your glasses weren’t all fogged up and you had a break from spitting out the copious amounts of mud flung up by your stupid fat bike tyres (mental note: get a big mudguard).

We went around the dam and through Dularcha then stopped for a coffee at Mooloolah. After coffee I bowed out of the ride and went back to the car along the road. The rest of the group continued back through Dularcha and then popped down to do a bit of Ferny Forest – nice work!

So thanks for the ride folks and I’ll see you next week at Parklands (if you aren’t going to the camping trip).

Michael “I hope that wasn’t horse poop” Johns

PS: my fat tyres aren’t really stupid