QLD CX – HeliDOOM Ride

by President
QLD CX – HeliDOOM Ride

A few of us went out to a ride hosted by Queensland Cyclocross out at Helidon, QLD. It was a ‘social’ ride that became a gravel endurance race covering 60km and 1200m elevation. Those guys just hammer out the kilometres. Little did they know that they had some of our best riders in their midst and those riders held their own against the cyclocross thoroughbreds.

It was a good route climbing up though Murphy’s Creek to the beautiful Gus Beutel lookout in Palmtree, QLD. After a hour rest we descended down the other side completing the loop back to Helidon. It was mix of around 70% gravel and the rest road. The road leading to the lookout was a strange sticky mud that caused people to think there was something wrong with their bikes – it was like riding on contact glue. The down hill roads were fun but corrugations made things very jittery and slightly scary as they could shift you over to the loose edges of the road.

Thanks to QLD CX for organising the ride and to Geoff for providing the feedzone at the lookout.

Honourable member mentions:  Murray, Rod, Royce, Graeme, Quinton, Corey and Jason. Also my mate Daniel.

Gus Beutel Lookout

More photos are on the event’s >facebook page< (Facebook account required :'( )