Heart Week Expo Summary

by President
Heart Week Expo Summary
Michael ensuring the club's expo presence is aesthetically correct

On Saturday (30th April 2016) the Sunshine Coast Council hosted a Heart Week Expo at the Lake Kawana Community Centre. We were invited to provide an avenue for people to take on a more active lifestyle to ward off potential heart related illness. Realistically we were more of a side exhibit however we did garner good interest from the community and we emphasized that we were promoting the trail networks as much as the mountain biking. We let people know about the great walking and mountain biking trails around the area and encouraged people to go and see for themselves.

Keen riders were taking turns on the mobile pump track that Kurt from the council organised and while it was looking a bit wet and neglected at the start it quickly became popular once the track dried out. I even loaned my bike to a few kids that wanted a turn (they understandably didn’t want Michael’s fatbike). The track was provided by a local company so don’t be surprised if you see more pop up at various events including our own.

I provided an impromptu interview to Channel 7 news which actually ended up on the news tonight (2nd May 2016) along with John on the pump track:

Excellent coverage for the club and made the effort more than worthwhile when combined with the interest generated at the expo.

Thanks goes to Michael and John for assisting us in the expo and to the Sunshine Coast Council for inviting us.