“Club Only” Members Update – (NERD TALK ALERT)

“Club Only” Members Update – (NERD TALK ALERT)

Hi Folks,

A few people have been asking about “club only” membership (and how come they don’t get the awesome SMS/Email notifications). So I thought I’d provide an update.

What is a club only membership?

Club Only membership is available to those who already hold membership through another club that insures them for mountain biking activities. These clubs are typically affiliated with Mountain Biking Australia (MTBA) and Cycling Australia (CA).

However at the moment it’s an administratively intensive task of providing your details to us via email and then organising a bank transfer/direct debit through your bank, depositing it directly into our account, or giving money to a committee member who then deposits it on your behalf. Then we need to verify your details, check that the deposit went through, and then manually update the list.

That sounds arduous and fraught with error!

Indeed it does! But I have been madly tapping away on multiple keyboards and screens at the same time (while wailing on a guitar) trying to revamp the notification code to include another list for ‘club only’ members (I also accidentally sent out a duplicate notification, sorry about that!).

This list will be populated auto-magically by using a form on the website so you can simply fill out the form, submit payment, and then voilà – you are on the membership list.

So what do I do now?

For those who have already paid I will be in contact shortly to confirm your contact details for inclusion on the new list. For those who would like to become a ‘club only’ member – you can either contact us now or wait until we get the form finished.

Thank you to everyone for being so patient while I get this sorted.