18/05/16 Parklands Night Ride Summary – IT SUCKED!

by Secretary
18/05/16 Parklands Night Ride Summary – IT SUCKED!
New Helmet time

…well it sucked for me but the others had fun.

Andrew, Ben, Chad, Royce and myself all rocked up to do the night ride.

Chad was there early to do an extra loop and rescued some poor bugger who had gotten lost with no lights and brought him back to the carpark.

We explored a new section of track that has a lot of potential, just needs some bridges over the muddy bits and maybe remove the big low-hanging branch that crosses the trail.

My ride was cut short because I head-butted that big low-hanging branch that crossed the trail. It hurt a lot and I taught the wildlife some new words similar to “Jeepers!” and “Goshdarnit!” I also discovered yet another sidewall tear when I got home (more new words were said).

The other guys went on to finish the ride while I found Toby and Kirsty and went back to the car with them. I guess I was feeling a little bit shook up and fragile and just needed a hug and someone to tell me everything will be alright but Toby just didn’t understand, so I had a beer instead.

So what can we all take away from that ride:

  1. It gets darker earlier this time of year and Parklands can be a rat warren
  2. You should yell out any obstructions you encounter to the people behind you
  3. Applying icepacks ASAP helps a lot
  4. Beer is good

See you at the trail care day tomorrow if you’re coming and the club ride on Sunday.

Michael “A head is a poor axe” Johns