SCTA – Parklands Phoenix Trail Now Partially Open

by President
SCTA – Parklands Phoenix Trail Now Partially Open

After hard work resulting in good progress the SCTA volunteer team managed to finish the first half of the newly revamped Phoenix flow trail.

Berms were the theme of the day.

SCTA Rob working the compactorFirst the compactor machine was used to thoroughly compress the soil on the berms. Then they were raked to produce a coat of loose soil to which then water and soil stabiliser is added and mixed in. That was followed by the plate vibrator machine for a smooth hard finish.

These berms should last well with a little care and attention every six months or so, mainly clearing drainage and patching any holes.

The drainage throughout was checked again to make sure it was working as intended. There’s one bit that isn’t particularly great so that will be revisited soon.

Once everyone was satisfied that the first half was safe and in a sustainable condition the closure signs were removed from that section.

The second half isn’t in a ridable condition yet. Various features are in a partial state of completion, easily damaged, and potentially hazardous. We ask trail users to exercise patience while we finish of this work.