June 2016 Committee Meeting Summary

June 2016 Committee Meeting Summary

On Wednesday 29th June the club committee met to discuss the upcoming ‘Get Going Clubs’ grants by the Queensland Government – National Parks, Sport and Racing (NSPR) among other things which you can find within the meeting minutes. The following will describe the grants and what we intend to do with the funding if successful.

The club will be pursuing two grants – the “Get Going Clubs – Places and Spaces” grant and the “Get Going Clubs” grant.

We encourage input by our members and the wider Parklands user community. If you can provide assistance with the grant writing or other aspects of the process then please contact us ([email protected]).

Read on for info about the grants and what we intend to use them for.

The Get Going Clubs – Places and Spaces

Provides up to $100,000 of funding with a 25% co-contribution requirement (meaning $25,000 of value is required from the grant recipient). Club secretary Michael Johns will be drafting the grant proposal with assistance from NPSR, Sunshine Coast Trails Alliance (SCTA) and the Sunshine Coast Council. The committee will assist where possible.

The funding will go towards our Parklands vision which is shared between the aforementioned organisations, the Bushrangers MTB Club and mountain biking community, and other Parklands user groups such as trail runners and horse riders.

Queensland Outdoor Recreation Federation (QORF) have provided a MTB Regional Solutions document that describes this vision (Page 23 – 26), such as the following new trail works:

Green – Beginner – 10km /13.9km total

  • 1km access track from the carpark to skills area
  • 0.5km Skills Area
  • 5km beginners loop
  • 2km beginner ‘flow’ trail
  • 1.5km total length of side tracks to bypass steep sections of fire trail and improve usability of existing multi-use trails

Blue – Intermediate – 18km new / 43km total

  • 9km ‘Progressive’ trail loops, transition up from beginner standard, all weather, easy access
  • 9km (4km+5km) ‘Flow’ trails – one way, all weather, required for training & hosting ‘Gravity Enduro’ format racing events. Potential training trails for the Commonwealth Games teams. Suitable for a broad range of fitness levels while still providing a rewarding riding experience

Black – Advanced – 7km new

  • 3km technical trail, one way, utilising iconic rock slabs and features for a memorable challenge
  • 4km (2x2km) Freeride lines, single direction, variety of features to promote creative line choices. Feature trails for promotion of the venue and challenges in the sport

A few of the above items have already been completed and/or may not be included in this grant application. Additionally a proposed skills area will be included. All items are dependant upon the acceptance and approval of the land owners.

Get Going Clubs

Provides up to $7,500 of funding to go towards the expansion of club activities. We would be seeking to continue our coaching sessions for women as part of our women’s advocacy and include additional coaching sessions for everyone for general MTB advocacy as is stated in our mission.  Club president Ben Johns will be drafting the proposal for this grant seeking input by the committee and general club membership.


The grant application process is lengthy and if successful we will not be seeing the funding until January at the earliest.

The meeting minutes can be found >here<.