2016 Bayview Blast Summary

by President
2016 Bayview Blast Summary
Getting ready to start the 100km waves

Overall the Bayview Blast is an excellent, well organised, event that covers the whole gamut of riders which is quite a feat and a great example of what can be done within a single weekend. Great trails, great weather.

It didn’t warm up… starting off the day at a bitter 5°C and almost hitting a ‘roo somewhere around Redland Bay I arrived pretty early at the staging area which was a huge paddock that by the start of the event was overflowing with cars. The set up was the same as last year which is good because I didn’t have to think because at that temperature and after driving 2hrs I couldn’t. Dumped my gear out of the car and went off the the rego tent to pick up my $80 t-shirt with bonus race.

The starting method was much improved this time around. The categories where divided up for wave starts instead of just the elites getting a few minutes and then a mass start. This prevented the queuing into the single track that was a bit annoying. By this time the temperature was around 6°C…

There were only minor variances with the course compared last year mainly the usual trail restoration reroutes and maintenance. The hills didn’t seem as bad but there were no changes with overall elevation – it is a flat course by comparison. All the usual favourites were in the mix, Vegemite, Sharks Tail, and Sorceress. The thing I like most about these trails is the lack of dust – it’s nice to still be able to breath after 10km. At the end it might have been 12°C… did I mention it was cold?

All in all everything went smoothly and it was a great day to be racing. I suggest that everyone give this event a go.

Notable mentions:


  • Graham Hall 20th category, 36th overall
  • Ian Reavely 83rd category, 166th overall


  • Peter Bigaila 2nd category, 38th overall
  • Royce Vandeleur 5th category, 34th overall
  • Paul Vandeleur 7th category, 43rd overall