10/07/2016 Parklands Ride Summary

by President
10/07/2016 Parklands Ride Summary
The log feature along the second half of Phoenix

With a warmer than expected morning a few of us met, and welcomed Chris and Kaiden, early so we could do a few runs of the recently reopened Phoenix trail. It was a while in the making but they say perfection takes time. Personally I think this trail has good attributes as a flow trail – the berms are solid and predictable, there’s plenty of doubles to keep you from slowing down and a few unique features thrown in to mix things up. The flat part in the middle might be considered a negative but I see it as opportunity to rest a bit for the second half.

Once the whole group (20 odd) had ventured down Phoenix the group split with the ladies taking on their own adventure. The guys went up Double Dab (yep, suckers for punishment) and did lap of Meadows and cruised up Shadowlands and then a loop of beehive. Trials looking tidy thanks to the good work of the trail fairies.

On the west side we ventured along T-Track a bit and then along Rock’n’Roll and dropping down the rockface (oldskool), through the Ss and into Cancer Tree. A loop of the novice track and down Old Mans Curse. Then the usual Anger Management, Road Rage to the Radar Hill Rd carpark.

Here we set off down the recently created Motorhead which now serves as the primary entrance/exit of Hoe Chi Ho and along Spare Parts up to Underhill Gate. Here it was a bit of a mix of trails back to the cars and then off to the Bli Bli Bakery to ensure we don’t lose any weight.

Excellent day, good trails and fantastic company.