Coolum to Wooroi Ride Summary

by Secretary
Coolum to Wooroi Ride Summary
I asked everyone to pretend to be happy. Kirsty nailed it. She must be an actress or something.

CaptureThere weren’t many of us on today’s ride which was surprising considering the forecast of cold temperatures, rain, mud and the slippery rocks and roots. I for one love the sweet sounds of grit in my chain and mud on my rotors, it’s like sweeping a blackboard with a rake made of fingernails. But that’s enough sarcasm and weird imagery, here are today’s highlights.

Toby (today’s intrepid ride leader oozing with charismatic charm and steely determination) led Donna, Kerrie, Kirsty, Pete, Boaz and myself through the Peregian beach cafes, then through some random dirt roads and tracks (which I can never remember the names of) and finally popping out near the Noosa RSPCA where we crossed over the road to the awesomeness that is Wooroi.

The Wooroi trails were great but a bit slower than normal due to wet rocks and roots and the mud all through our shoes, bikes, face, teeth etc. Here we met up and rode along with Nick, Carol and Sonia for awhile until at the 40km mark Toby was informed that it was time to head back as there were 4 ladies who were getting tired, hungry and cranky – this included me obviously. So we headed to the carpark, refilled our bottles, ate some stuff that looked like the snot/drool from the Aliens movie and then we powered off to find a less muddy way home.

We went through Noosaville and past the shopping centre (Toby refused to stop to get me a toy!) and we followed the paths around to Sunrise beach. We then followed the beach paths all the way back to Peregian beach where I had to be satisfied with looking at other people holding coffees because we weren’t stopping.

We got back to the cars at 12.30 after 60km and almost 4 hours of moving time.  Endurance walls were hit, weird noises were made from bikes (and riders), mud was eaten/inhaled, things were said that can’t be unsaid, but you know what… I loved it all and I’m glad I went.

Just read this post again and figured I should find some positives:

  • Trees were nice
  • Coffee I had on the way to the ride was good
  • The fresh water refill was much better than the 3-month old water that I forgot to drain out of my camelbak
  • Nick and Toby said Scotland was like this all the time