Wamuran ride summary – 17/09/2016

by Secretary
Wamuran ride summary – 17/09/2016
Map does show the great coffee shop across the road

Map does not show the great coffee shop we found across the road near the mechanic shop

Cr Adrian Raedel at the Moreton Bay Regional Council asked us to help with a mountain bike ride from Wamuran for their Hinterland Cyclefest.

24 of us meet up at the park near Atwood Street and by 8am we were ready to go. We had a varied group of riders with different levels of skills and fitness, some roadies and even a couple of kids (whose infinite energy reserves were rather intimidating).

There were 2 rides on offer with a 20km out and back on the old rail line and a 40km loop. Everyone chose the 20km so Terry took everyone as a group but Brad took some of the keener riders on some advanced “gnarly” diversions.

We only had a couple of crashes (both on a particularly hairy descent that the gnarly group had a crack at) and there was a busted chain (quickly fixed by Dave). There was also some quick on-the-trail riding tips for the ladies by Sonja – nice work!

There was a bit of grizzling on the hills

There was a bit of grizzling on the hills

The ride took just under 2 hours and we went through some beautiful area and riding through all the old railway cuttings was really interesting.

Thanks to the local Lions club who came out and cooked us up some snags which were waiting for us at the end of the ride (I could get use to that!) and thanks to Bushrangers – Brad, Terry, Sonja and Dave, Ben and Julie, Mike, David and that attractive guy on the Fatbike who was the tail-end charlie.

And a big thanks to Adrian and all the riders who came out to ride with us. I hope everyone had a good time and please keep an eye on our calendar and come for a ride with us. We may be having a club ride down your way soon.

Michael (the attractive guy on the fatbike) Johns
Club Secretary