Sunshine Coast Bike Week – Mapleton Ride Summary – 02/10/2017

by Secretary
Sunshine Coast Bike Week – Mapleton Ride Summary – 02/10/2017
We love to ride!

Sunday was our community ride at Mapleton which also tied in with the Sunshine Coast Bike Week so in addition to a big turn out of club members we also had a few guests along (30 riders in total). Warm welcome to Jackie, Jenny, Todd who came along with Ben, Al and myself on the “easier” ride and to the other new riders who went along with John on the advanced ride or the “Bushrangers mtb rock climbing adventure” as Toby described it in Strava.

Also a big hello to Chris from Venture Cycles, Sorab from the Sunshine Coast Cycle Club and Wayne and Helen from CORCA, thanks for coming along and I hope you enjoyed yourselves.

The not-so-advanced ride rode from Mapleton out to the Oaky Creek lookout then back again which was a 25km trip. The view at the lookout was particularly interesting that day due to the smoke nestling in the valleys.

The advanced ride followed a more complex route with some exploratory diversions to make a 27km ride with over 500m of elevation (some of that requiring scrambling up on foot with your bike over your shoulder). Sounds like fun, pity I missed it…not! The group did find some pretty amazing bits of nature with creek crossings, gorges and crazy descents.

Some notable events of the day were:

  • Chris from Venture ripping out his rear brake cable only 15min into the ride and having a particularly exciting time coming down the descents.
  • New rider Jackie descending loose rocky slopes sideways on a hybrid bike.
  • Sticks
  • Todd’s awesome moustache
  • A 29+ bike
  • No magpie attacks


Fondest regards,

Michael Johns
Club Secretary