Parklands Ride Summary – 09/10/2016

by Secretary
Parklands Ride Summary – 09/10/2016
Big welcome to Crankworx and Rocky Mountain

Hello everyone,

Great turn-out!

Great turn-out!

Sunday’s Parklands ride had a great turn out with the regular Bushrangers, some new guys, some CORCA boys, the Crankworx Cyclery crew and Al the Rocky Mountain rep. Massive turn out!

This ride was this month’s “Invite a bike shop” ride and Daniel from Crankworx Cyclery came to say g’day, along with Al the local Rocky Mountain bike rep. They both brought along some nice demo bikes which John, Nick and Rod got to take around Parklands.

We broke into two groups with the “gung-ho” group leaving first and the “not so gung-ho” leaving afterwards taking things a bit slower. Both groups following a clockwise route around the park so we all finished the ride with a descent down Ho-Chi-Ho.

Ben and I lead the 2nd group and took them up Road Rage, then onto Terry’s track, through Cancer Tree over to the east side of the park. This is where all my whinging about climbing trails finally paid off and we got to descend Rock-a-dile down to the 4-ways and then went down Double Dab down to bottom of Phoenix (and it was awesome!!) We all had a go at the greatness that is Phoenix (some guys went again).

We were all a bit pooped by then so it was time to head back to the cars. We went through Roo Valley, then Upper NZ up to the middle gate. Some of us peeled off to do Beehive but most of us roared down Lower NZ, then Ho-Chi-Ho. An excellent way to finish a ride.

After the ride we had a bit of a photo shoot then coffee at Bli Bli Bakery.

Thanks for coming everyone, see you next week.

Michael Johns