06/11/2016 Ewen Maddock Dam Community Ride Summary

by President
06/11/2016 Ewen Maddock Dam Community Ride Summary

Sunny skies greeted us at the ‘dam this morning with a car park full of eager MTBers wanting to head out and harvest the local KOMs and QOMs (well done Rod and Shelley!). In my case I was more interested in harvesting a coffee from Buck’s Bakery after my lazy week long Brisbane trip but I digress. The turn out was huge with around 40 riders starting in two groups – the fasties and the slowies (nothing wrong with smelling the roses!). Also a welcome to the Forsythe family who tagged along regardless of a tough Mapleton ride yesterday, John, and Jason.

Michael pushed the fasties off first so the rest of us could take our time heading over to Landsborough. They took on Rosies Circuit straight off before meeting us at the bakery for morning tea. After that the slowies went off towards Mooloolah via the old spooky tunnel and the rest did a lap of Ferny Forest before returning to the cars. The timing of both groups was pretty good with both meet ups arriving at pretty much the same time.

Thanks goes to Paul for leading the fast group and to me for leading the slow group.

Our Ewen Maddock community rides is always a popular one and a great way to get into mountain biking as it’s got a bit of everything, lots of different routes to take and very low to moderate difficulties. If you can ride all the hills around Ewen Maddock Dam then you can progress onto Parklands.


Slow, easy ride


Fast, long ride