#Ride2School Ride Summary 17/03/2017

by Secretary
#Ride2School Ride Summary 17/03/2017
Glenview Primary School #Ride2School

Riding along Glenview road Palmview

Last Friday was Ride2School day so to get kids realising how awesome bikes are from an early age the Bushrangers have been helping with the event for the last 3 years.

At 7.30am Bushranger’s Michael Johns and Julie Pearson went to help the Glenview Primary School kids ride 3.6km along Glenview road. Julie took plenty of photos, Michael led the group while parents and staff rode within the group and manned the intersections making sure everyone was safe. Also a big thanks to the local police for the escort.

Michael then shot across town to his little boy’s kindergarten to give all the kids rides on his big-tyred fatbike. They were all given a quick instruction about the bike e.g. keep fingers away from the moving bits, wear a helmet, make sure you have a bell. The kids all got a few loops around their playground and they loved it.

Giving all the kindy kids a ride around the playground