Impromptu Trail Work Update – Saturday 27/05/2017

by Secretary
Impromptu Trail Work Update – Saturday 27/05/2017
Freshly compacted and raked - you could eat off it!

My new boots got dirty :/

A few of us went in today for an impromptu trail-care to attack some problem drainage areas on the new access trail. In addition to creating/improving all the regular style drains we’ve tried a new style of drain to catch and divert water away from clay-heavy areas before they got waterlogged (I drew a diagram to help explain it). We put these hidden “T” drains throughout the trail and on that particularly boggy berm.

On top of the drainage work we also got the compactor over the new work and shaped the berms and trail that couldn’t be done last week due to things being too muddy.

Nice work Ben, Will and Rob!

Update (Monday 29/05/2017)
Matt and Eugene went in on Monday to check our work and made a few changes. They have added more rocks to the water crossings (so we don’t need to do it anymore – yay!). The big berm above the water crossing needs a drain on it as well a few soggy spots a little further on.

The new causeways that were put in on the slope heading down to the old carpark/skills area have been removed and the trail will need to be reshaped and cleaned up again.

Michael Johns
Club Secretary

Methods of shedding water from this trail