by Secretary
Trust your gut and ask the question!

It’s World mental health week again so it’s a timely reminder to eat well, sleep well, get social and ride your bikes to get some of those feel-good hormones flowing. Your mental health is vitally important so look after it!  Also trust your gut and be sure to ask if someone is OK, that simple conversation might be just what the other person needs.

On a related note I’ve had to go to the occasional toolbox meeting about workplace mental health issues for my job and I’ve always asked the question – what can I do or say? And I’ve never really gotten a good answer. Apparently my current repertoire of supportive things to say like “buck up li’l buddy!” and teasing them about their hair/clothes/MTB skills etc are pretty crap. So I had a look around and found this nifty diagram to give me a headstart. Maybe it might be handy for you too.

Things to say when someone’s sad


Michael “I’m cool with hugs” Johns
Club Secretary