Trail Count Update

by President
Trail Count Update
TRAFx Dock and Silica Gel, lots of Silica Gel

Damaged crossing

Hi Folks,

Quick update on the counters. This afternoon I collected the trail counts for September/October making four months worth to analyse. Parklands looks like it currently receives around 550 mountain bike visits a month although it’s still very early days and we expect that to trend up and down over the seasons. Also we’ve made the weekly totals available on our trail care page with an adjustable period (click the date range in the top right corner), I’ve included it below so you know what it looks like.

While collecting the counts I checked a few of the new trails to find they’re holding up well given the heavy rain this week. There’s a few parts that have suffered damage that we’ll try and get to during trail care tomorrow (8am, Radar Hill Rd car park) if it’s not raining too much.

Trailworx didn’t get a chance to continue work at Parklands this week because of the rain so they’re aiming for mid next week if the weather is good.

“There are lies, damn lies, and statistics.” Mark Twain

Ben Johns
Club President