Watch out for the Parkrunners on Saturdays

Watch out for the Parkrunners on Saturdays
Remember to give way to trail runners

Give way to pedestrians and horses

Each Saturday morning one of the hardest Parkrun events in Australia happens in Parklands which is pretty awesome!

At 7am a heap of runners and walkers will move along the fire road parallel to the new black track for a few minutes as they commence their 5km loop through the park.

For these few minutes there is a potential risk of collision between a rider and a runner if:

  1. a rider flies out of the black or green tracks at speed;
  2. a rider rides back up the fire road in amongst the runners/walkers.

However there is a clear line of sight for riders and runners so there should be ample time for a rider to slow down, stop for a rest and allow the runners to pass through safely.

Please let new riders and visitors know that hikers, trail runners and horses use the fire roads and we need to give way to them.