New jerseys are ready to go!

by Secretary
New jerseys are ready to go!

Today is a special day at Bushrangers HQ! The 18-month consultation/design/redesign/redesign/redesign/approval process has finally been completed and we are now ready to sell the new jerseys!

There are two styles of jersey available in two unique colours – Culvert Slime Green and Chain Gunk Black.

  • There is the men and women’s ‘roadie’ style jersey with short sleeves, full zip and pockets in the back.
  • There is the unisex ‘enduro’ style jersey with short, 3/4 and long sleeve options (women may need to use the junior sizes).

The order gets processed at the end of each month so jump on and order your’s at

For sizing just follow the instructions on the product page when you order.