Parkies Ride Report… (luckily) without Hangovers

by Miles

Yesterdays Parklands Post Xmas Party Ride started with a solid turn out of riders including new member Jeremy and visitor Grant from North Brisbane, great to see such enthusiasm early on a Sunday Morning.

The whole crew was quite fresh considering the jelly shots at the party seemed 9.5 parts vodka and 0.5 part jelly (just enough jelly to give the vodka some colour)… But with nobody overdoing it, we turned up bright and early for the ride with no complaints for the sweat-box that we were about to endure.

MASSIVE thanks to John and Tanya for opening their awesome home on the water in Mountain Creek – what a perfect place to gather with a bunch of (well-behaved) mates.

We all set out through Rookie Road track into the skills area where the crew did a fast-hot lap of Lush to warm up, this is a great track for new and old to hone their skills and Strava times in cornering and line choice with few obstacles to dodge.

 The group then split into two with the fasties carving up and down Road Rage where the humidity certainly had the post party drinks being sweated out profusely, on Anger Management track several riders took the challenging “A” line dodging some unexpected obstacles to survive.  Continuing along the Gumby loop to enjoy the Shady cool forest of CT track before the ascending the infamous climbing track S’s of Rock and Roll.

 We were followed closely by Toby’s group at a slightly slower pace,  Al took  them on a detour to enjoy the trails between Gumby loop and CCC, heading through Ct track must have been a faster pace as  there was a comment that Amanda’s face was the lovely colour of her pink gloves. While they headed off for a quick dash down vanderloop and heading into the meadows assisting  Jason and Lou in their trail orientation, they headed back down Spare Parts to the car park.

 From here the Fasties  decision was unanimous to test everyone’s metal on the steep sections  of Rock a Dial down toward Phoenix, with lots of grins from Jeremy and Grant. Paul then suggested the climb up to the top of Radar hill for a long descent, no one was game to protest in case we up set the yellow “Kona” gods.

On the way up Double Dab Johnny’s bottom bracket seized in protest sending him on a long walk/roll back to the carpark bike. Continuing on up to a high point fire trail then bombing down to the bottom of phoenix, up Roo valley, NZ and down Rock it Man then Ho Chi Ho where Adam and Grant looked for extra Kudos doing Jumping and  Ant (in other words we lost them).

The hot start was followed with a cool change with riders forgetting about the early challenges in the day.

Coffee and Chocolate solved nearly all the first world problems at the Forest Glen Bakery. Great ride with a super group.

Alternate Rookie Ride Report – Ewen Maddock Dam

We’re alternating the Rookie Rides between Parklands and Ewen Maddock Dam, with the aim of providing a gentler ride option for newbies or those that want a calmer pace….

Thanks to those that attended this week!

This ride was undulating and an easy 30 kilometres and fortunately perfect weather.

We had a new member Kira (apologies if spelt incorrectly) with a beautiful new Norco dual suspension. I’d also like to thank Teresa for her kind letter of thanks, she looked to be enjoying herself on her new striking blue Merida!

No crashes, everyone seemed to be having a good time, it was the kind of ride where you could do a lot of talking while riding. 

This Coming Weekend:

Looking forward to seeing you next Sunday in Gympie at Victory heights tracks 6:30am for a 6:45am ride off.