Ride Report 15/12/19 Gympie “Victory Heights’’ Strava Spaghetti

by Miles

The lure of flowy trails, easy double jumps, smooth burms, plus the promise of aromatic coffee and food was enough to attract an eclectic group of riders on a wide range of bikes including single speed Steel hard tail, Dual suspension alloy and carbon framed steeds with a mix of suspension travel, ebikes new and old.

With an early start to beat the heat the faster group blasted off into the twisty trails with the intention of riding every trail in the park lead by Rod who always sets a cracking consistent pace.

Eagerly awaiting take off

 The tracks while dry hold up incredibly well with reasonable grip provided you don’t get too game and load the front wheel up. Toby lead the “less air” group through the maze of decimal numbered tracks giving new members some challengers and skills to be honed in future.  Only a couple of lie down moments with no injuries sustained.

 As the group moved on to the more open northern tracks Jacob the young trail Guru took control as ride leader with aerial manoeuvres rekindling the enthusiasm of the Older school Gentlemen behind him (the rest of us) who tried to emulate riding in the air with varying success.

The two groups caught up for mid ride breather at the shady hut swapping tales of heroism and trail lies, while the show-offs did a couple of log rides with look at me pride Ha Ha.

Each group Set off after cooling down to then complete the remaining trails.

Tyre Repair

A deflating moment occurred when Rods back tyre was impaled on a stick spraying out sealant in a loud 360 degree display, luckily there were several experts to offer theories on how it happened including tyre spikes,  stray bullets etc..talk about creative thinkers !!.   Refocused and repairs completed the group headed back out to the new jump tracks with the brave dudes clearing the large log trail features completing another great ride by both groups.

Expert Mechanical Advice

Thanks to the Ride leaders Toby, Rod and Jacob and all the riding Crew.

 Wonderful Coffee and tucker were consumed in town at the SoMa SoMa Café, Great atmosphere of Gympie as the steam train rolled past and a history lesson from a local on old Holdens (you had to be there).

Next ride Sunday at Bone Yards 22/12/19 6:30am ride off, please see details on the Website Calendar. 

Cheers Miles.

Safe riding.

Time for a rest
Reward Coffee