29/05/2016 – Pomona-Cooran Ride Summary

by Secretary
29/05/2016 – Pomona-Cooran Ride Summary

Hey there ‘rangers,

14 of us showed up to Pomona at 7am and it was pretty cold so I’m thinking we switch over to 7.30am start times during these cooler months, so keep an eye out for the update.

We followed our ride leaders Terry and Al to Cooran and beyond. Despite the cold weather we warmed up real good with a prompt hill climb and then a few more afterwards just to make sure. The loose rocky climb up from Ferguson road was particularly good to get the heart thumping.

Look at that Scottish tan!

Look at that Scottish tan!

We went up and down a few forgotten fire roads until we came across a steep, loose, rocky, twisty decent to hell. One by one we called our loved ones and finalised our affairs we shot off down the hill. Now I should say here that the lovely Tanya was the only lady with us today and she was feeling a bit intimidated that she couldn’t match the MTB skills and prowess of the Bush Rangers men folk. So to ease her concerns I shot down this decent and threw myself over the handlebars and into some large rocks in front of everyone because that’s just the kind of nice guy I am (it had nothing to do with the loose bolts on my stem and my poor bike mechanic skills, honestly).

So after Chad and Greg helped me work out the spaghetti/rubik’s cube lovechild that was my twisted handlebars, forks and brake cables we then rode some great singletracks off Kellehers Road and Jampot Creek Road. These tracks were pretty awesome except for the horrible, horrible, horrible smell that just lingered around the 2nd batch of tracks. It smelt like something had died (probably my confident and masculine demeanor after I made that girly scream when I stacked it).

The Noosa Ultimate sport thingy was on so we got to watch all the roadies ride into Cooran (also how can it be “ultimate” when there wasn’t a MTB to be seen huh?). So we stood for a while and watched them clip clop around, ingesting bananas and lattes and we commented sadly on how Ben and Murray have changed a little now they have turned to the dark side. But before all that shiny lycra reflecting the sunlight gave us headaches we took off back to Pomona.

Some extra highlights were:

  • Neil did a couple of his trademark moves where he leaps from his bike into a hulk hogan-style flying elbow drop into the ground, which I’m presuming is to show it who’s boss?
  • Someone who shall rename nameless (but it rhymes with “schmreg” and he wears orange shoes) took a wrong turn and got lost (again) but he and Warren joined back up with the group further on
  • There were 3 fat bikes there today with Al bringing his sexy new Specialized Fuze (world domination baby steps!).
  • Andrew got some top tens on Strava without even trying apparently (bastard!)
  • We had coffee at a different place today – Serge’s Pizza & Pasta Pomona – coffee was good and we didn’t have to sit in the sun so thumbs up!

Overall a good ride! Thanks everyone.

GPX file for the ride available here