Go GIRL Gets a Treat

Go GIRL Gets a Treat

The Go GIRLs arrived at Linedrive Tce Bunyaville on time and introduced themselves to the Brisbane ladies that we were to ride with that morning on the Jinker trails. (We were missing some of our favourites due to injuries and surgeries and such. But we will be sure to tell them how much fun we had and look forward to them joining us when they are able). Those who could make it were in for a treat but didn’t know it because I didn’t tell them who was to be our ride leader that day. Sonja, second in charge was getting worried and was about to send a search party as I was nowhere in sight. Having never intentionally missed a ride, phone calls were made. Arriving 10 minutes later, with too much stuff on my mind and not enough sleep, I was ready to blow the cobwebs out. We all have times we would rather keep our heads under the pillow. Note to self:  A-you cant jump in the back of a ute to answer the phone like in the van and B- Paul would not be happy if I used the jaws of life to make an opening! I’m really missing that van right now!!!!!

After another 10 minutes of searching for a ladies (No, that’s locked too!), we were much relieved to begin our adventure. It wasn’t long before the riders realised we had an extremely skilful leader for the day. We were fortunate enough for Nicci Orr, National BMX Champion and Gravity Enduro extraodinaire to give us her time for the morning. But this is nothing unusual for her as it is something that she regularly does, organising weekly rides for the local ladies, building up their skills by riding regularly. Does this sound familiar? Oh yeah, you forget that is what we are doing too. Not surprising because after a few pedal strokes, we totally get immersed in the trails – getting familiar with Waynes World, and Mork and Mindy, then Flickn sticks to number 6, up to Steps, having done the Dam Loop and then further on it’s Slipstream to the Switchbacks and a Short Hill to complete Nutcracker. Luckily there was no Carnage on Kokoda, not everyone Loved that Hill but we did meet the Policeman and Wayne again!

Back in the car park and later at the cafe, there was a lot more talk of keeping the speed whilst cornering and other techniques, exchanging of names and promises of meeting up again. Speaking of talk, there has been a few inquires about our local Parkland trails. So looks like Go GIRL will be going there next. Make sure you don’t forget to check our Go GIRL facebook page and Bushranger calendar for all the details of our next ride. And remember if your day starts out blue, go for a ride and pretty soon it will look like a sun shiny day!

See you on the trails,

Susie Hume

Bushranger’s Women’s advocate