We’ve made a change to joining Bushrangers

We’ve made a change to joining Bushrangers

Hello everyone,

It’s not a big change but we’ve added the ability to be a ‘club only’ member to anyone who doesn’t want to pay the insurance component that is charged when you apply through MTBA.

So if you’re a member of another association like Cycling Australia or another MTBA club and already have mountain biking insurance then you can just pay the membership fee of $30/yr direct to us and be a member of the Bushrangers. This also applies if you have your own insurance or simply don’t believe in it.

You will need to sign a waiver saying you understand mountain biking has the potential to harm you and you don’t want the insurance.

But mountain biking can involve bad things like bouncing down gorges on your face so the MTBA insurance is good to have and it is required for a lot of races. For new riders MTBA offer the 8-weeks free membership so if you want the security of having insurance while you give mountain biking a try then sign up at http://www.mtba.asn.au/membership/free-trial-membership/ 

For more information check out the new Join Us page.