Global Fat Bike Day 2016 – 03/12/2016

Global Fat Bike Day 2016 – 03/12/2016
Rare photo of GFBD2015 where we weren't all gap jumping

Stop holding your breath folks, it’s that time again – Global Fat Bike Day 2016! #GFBD2016

The day where 0.0001% of riders who actually own fatbikes can stand up and shout about easily riding through sand (or that rare Queensland snow), brag about climbing loose rocky slopes with the unlimited traction and conveniently forgetting to mention things like rotational mass, chain rub, self-steer, expensive tyres, and weird-ass off-set spoke patterns. OK FINE!! Fatbikers do that every day but this is still our day so tough luck!

So this year’s ride will be over at Bribie Island. We start at the surf club and ride along the beach while the tide lets us then its BBQ and beers and a lovely ride back under the moonlight. Romantic eh?

So if you got a fatbike or are fatbike curious (it’s OK we don’t spank our initiates) jump onto the Facebook page and have a look –

Michael “Is this sand we are riding on?” Johns
Club Secretary